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Purdue incorporated Purdue Global into its network of campuses, which also include a flagship, Tier-1 research university in West Lafayette, Indiana and two regional campuses in the state known as Purdue Northwest and Purdue Fort Wayne. Each campus of the Purdue University system has its own admissions policies and transfers between the campuses are highly limited. With the exception of Purdue Global, all degrees from all Purdue University campuses and Purdue degree programs offered through IUPUI and Purdue Polytechnic Institute share a similar diploma bearing the name of the institution granting the degree and the city in which it is given. Purdue Global graduates receive a diploma that uses the name "Purdue University Global" instead of the system name, and bears the Purdue Global logo in place of the Purdue University seal. According to Purdue Global’s official Instagram account, "A degree from Purdue University Global is distinct from other schools within the Purdue University system." And that their "diplomas are distinct from Purdue University and other institutions, including a different font, style, and seal. While we are part of the Purdue University system, we are a separate entity and thus have a different diploma."  Buy Purdue University Global Diploma, Buy Fake Diploma US, Buy Fake Certificate, buy fake Purdue university diploma, Buy Fake Degree US.

Purdue leaders have said the intent of the acquisition was to expand Purdue’s land-grant mission to serve a wider group of students than the university was able to reach at its traditional campuses. 

Purdue University Global is a nonprofit Indiana company. Though part of the public university system, special legislation exempts PG from some of the public records disclosure requirements of public universities in Indiana. Buy Purdue University Global Diploma, Buy Fake Diploma US, Buy Fake Certificate, Buy Fake Degree US.