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Guangzhou University was reestablished in July 2000 by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It was a merger of five tertiary institutions previously known as Guangzhou Normal University(广州师范学院), South China Institute of Construction(华南建设学院), Guangzhou University(广州大学), Guangzhou Junior Teachers’ College(广州高等专科学校), and Guangzhou Institute of Education(广州教育学院). The university is fully committed to consolidating and expanding its undergraduate program, graduate programs and international students program. The university comprises 27 schools (department). It offers 87 undergraduate programs with coverage of ten disciplinary fields, including philosophy, history, literature, law, pedagogy, art, science, engineering, management and economics. Currently, the university is authorized to run 3 PhD programs with 25 grade-2 subjects, 26 graduate programs with 95 grade-2 subjects. In addition, the university offers 9 professional graduate programs in 36 fields, including pedagogy, engineering, physical education, art and international Chinese language teaching. Buy fake Guangzhou University degree, buy fake Guangzhou University diploma, buy fake China university degree, buy fake degree in China, buy fake degree in Guangzhou, 办理江苏大学毕业证,制作浙江大学毕业证,办理广州大学毕业证,办理广州大学学位证,制作深圳大学毕业证。

The university has a teaching and research staff of 1475, including two academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 290 full-time professors and 604 full-time associate professors. The number of the full-time graduates and undergraduates is over 23,000.

The university is actively undertaking the national and provincial research programs, such as national “973”and “863” projects. It has established more than 30 research institutes or centers specializing in a wide range of subjects, including Interdisciplinary Research Center, Earthquake Engineering Research Test Center,Human Right Research Center, Research Institute for Computer Science & Software etc. International exchange and cooperation have always been a priority work of the university. Up to 2011, the university has established the partnership with more than 100 overseas institutions. The university is available for international students to study Chinese and apply for degree study. It also enrolls students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well.