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 The ACCA is one of the largest and fastest growing international accountancy bodies. Being around for over a century means that it has successfully built a reputation for quality and excellence. The ACCA qualification is recognised all around the world for its high standards of expertise, professionalism and ethics. Buy fake ACCA transcript, buy fake ACCA certificate, fake ACCA examination record, buy fake accountancy license, buy fake degree UK, buy fake certificate UK, buy fake CIMA certificate.


Most students seek qualification whilst working and manage to do so over an average of three to four years. The ACCA qualification requires you to pass 13 exams. Depending on your previous studies you may get up to nine exam exemptions.

Exam sittings for AB (Accountant in Business), MA (Management Accounting) and FA (Financial Accounting) are flexible and can happen at our Academy at any time of the year as these are Computer Based Exams (CBEs). Remaining exam sittings happen four times a year – in March, June, September and December except LW, TX and ATX. For these three exams, a student can sit the exam only during the June and December sittings.