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The youngest of the 23-member California State University system, California State University-Channel Islands (CI) was established in 2002 and is located a short distance outside the city of Camarillo in southern California. How to make a fake CSU Channel Islands diploma, get fake California State University-Channel Islands degree, buy fake CSUCI certificate, buy fake certificate in California, 制造加州州立大学海峡群岛分校毕业证.

The 737-acre university campus is split into a North Quad and a South Quad, with the North Quad home to a lot of the faculty buildings while the South Quad is comprised of a 23,000-square-foot Student Union and the Bell Tower, where a lot of the campus classrooms are located.

There are three student housing villages, named after the Channel Islands. These new accommodation complexes are well-equipped and accommodate a small proportion of university students.

The small city of Camarillo is equidistant between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and just 25 miles from the affluent and lively city of Malibu. This location presents CI students with a fantastic opportunity to explore one of the most exciting areas of California, from the nightlife of the major cities that surround the university to the beautiful coasts and the breath-taking Santa Monica Mountains.

Despite being a very young university there are 26 established areas of study, as well as eight academics centres and institutes.

Over 6,100 students are currently enrolled and the university has been steadily expanding since it was first established.