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How a UCSI University transcript looks, make fake UCSI transcript, buy UCSI certificate, order fake university transcript in Malaysia. By partnering over 3,500 global companies, UCSI runs what is virtually Malaysia’s widest university-industry network. This unique setup sees UCSI students benefiting from structured internship programmes, technology transfers, joint research arrangements and job opportunities. Internships abroad are becoming increasingly common and UCSI students have worked at leading companies in Britain, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, among other nations. UCSI students go for internships for at least two months each year and the University enjoys one of the highest graduate employment rates in Malaysia.

Internationalisation is another key focus at UCSI. Students from more than 110 countries study here, making the University a vibrant melting pot of culture and diversity. Exchange programmes abound and more strategic tie-ups are being forged with leading universities in France and Ireland. With these unique strengths and more, UCSI stands out as a University that offers an education few can, provides experiences others can’t and delivers life-defining outcomes for students everywhere.

UCSI has made it a point to engage academics who are at the forefront of their disciplines. Today, 30% of UCSI’s academic staff possess a PhD – far higher than the 16% average at Malaysian private higher education institutions in 2015 – and a further 16.5% are pursuing their doctorate. These academics drive high impact research, winning research grants and securing research awards on the domestic and international front.