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TestDaF – (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) is a language examination for foreign learners of German who wish to study in Germany or who wish to have some form of written confirmation of their knowledge of German. It is recognised by all German universities. How to get a fake TestDaF certificate, buy a Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache transcript, order fake TestDaF zeugnis, buy fake Deutsch Test certificate.

TestDaF is a centralised and standardised examination which is devised and graded by the TestDaF-Institut. The Department of German as a Foreign Language at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is a licensed testing centre and conducts the test six times a year.

The digital TestDaF is conducted online on the computer and consists of four examination parts. First you work on reading tasks, followed by listening, writing and speaking. Short answers in the listening section and texts for the writing section are typed on the PC keyboard. You also use the computer for speaking: you listen to the task via headphones and your answers are recorded.

The topics and tasks of the TestDaF are directly related to university studies. They are based on important communicative tasks in lectures, discussions or working groups as well as other study-related activities at the university. For example, it is a question of giving an opinion on a seminar presentation by fellow students, noting down important contents of a lecture or summarising texts. As in your studies, the test combines various communicative skills.