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Paris Diderot University, also known as Paris 7 (French: Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7)), is a French university located in Paris, France. Order a Université Paris Diderot diploma, buy fake Paris Diderot University in France, fake Paris Diderot University degree, fake Paris 7 diploma, buy fake university diploma in Paris.

It was one of the heirs of the University of Paris, which ceased to exist in 1970. Professors from the faculties of Science, of Medicine and of Humanities chose then to create a new multidisciplinary university. It adopted its current name in 1994 after the 18th-century French philosopher, art critic and writer Denis Diderot.

With two Nobel Prize laureates, two Fields Medal winners and two former French Ministers of Education among its faculty or former faculty, the university is famous for its teaching in science, especially in mathematics. Indeed, many fundamental results of the theory of probability have been discovered at one of its research centres, the Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires (Laboratory of Probability and Random Models). The university is also known for its teaching in psychology, which adopts a specific approach that draws from both psychopathology and psychoanalysis.