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The Université Grenoble Alpes is a major player in higher education and research in France. As the world is becoming more and more competitive, our institution aims to better respond to the challenges the world poses universities today and in the future, and to be more visible and attractive internationally. Make a fake Université Grenoble Alpes diploma, get fake Université Grenoble Alpes degree, Université Grenoble Alpes certificate, fake French certificate.

Creation of a university in Grenoble, in 1339, bringing together four areas: medicine, liberal arts (sciences and literature), canon law and civil law. Set up by the Dauphin Humbert II in the Tour de l’Isle, attached to the present-day art museum, the Université de Grenoble has tried, since its creation, to imitate the Sorbonne and rival the Université de Lyon.

The Université Grenoble Alpes already features in the top 100 and top 200 universities in major international rankings (Reuters, Shanghai, Times Higher Education and QS for example) for some of its scientific fields. The UGA rivals the best universities in the world thanks to the strength of its research and the numerous educational innovations it has implemented.

Covering all disciplinary fields, the Université Grenoble Alpes has 106 research departments spread out in six centres bringing together different types of organisations (joint research departments, host teams, platforms, etc.) in the same scientific field.