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History of Laurentian University dates back to 1913 when the Jesuit Fathers created Le Collège du Sacré-Coeur. In 1957, the institution was founded as University of Sudbury and began granting degrees. In 1960, a provincial act provided Laurentian University with a corporate structure to make it a bilingual federation with representatives from United, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. The Laurentian University Federation included the University of Sudbury, Huntington University founded by the United Church in 1960, and Thorneloe University founded by the Anglican Church in 1961. The institution conducted classes in a temporary site in downtown Sudbury until the current campus opened in 1964. Le Collège Universitaire de Hearst got affiliated with Laurentian University in 1963 and Algoma University College followed in 1965. In the 2020 Maclean’s rankings under the category, "Canada’s best comprehensive universities", the university was ranked 12. How to order fake Laurentian University diploma online, buy fake Laurentian University certificate, make fake Laurentian University degree and transcript, make fake Canada diploma.

Situated near the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area in Sudbury, Ontario, the Laurentian University campus is spread across 765 acres. It features the first-rate infrastructure and offers excellent academic, residential and recreational facilities. With spacious classrooms, hi-tech labs, a bookstore, a speech and language clinic and a huge library, the campus offers an environment suitable for fast and efficient learning. It provides comfortable on-campus accommodation and a number of dining options including a grill, cafeteria, convenience store, Tim Hortons, Café Bistro, Topper’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway outlets. Besides these amenities, the campus also offers several on-campus recreational facilities like swimming lessons, school field trips, and youth and aquatic programmes. It offers opportunities to indulge in sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, golf and lacrosse.

Laurentian University offers various graduate and undergraduate programmes in diverse fields such as anthropology, communication, ancient studies, economics, arts, sociology, economics, history, social science, law, music, philosophy, psychology, and theatre. It provides students with an option to take courses in either English or French. The institution also grants Certificate of Bilingualism to those students who earn 15 credits or more in French or English (whichever is not their language of study). It enrols over 9,000 students every year and has distinguished and qualified faculty members. The university has an impressive faculty-to-student ratio of 1:18. 6.5% of its student population consists of foreign students from 62 countries across the world.