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Also called UdeM, the University of Montreal is a non-private research institution of higher education in the Québec province of Canada. The University was founded in 1878 founded, with three faculties: theology, law and medicine. Earlier University of Montreal was situated in Montreal’s Quartier Latin but later in 1942, it moved to Mount Royal. It got the status of a secular establishment in the year 1967. How much it costs to make a fake University of Montreal diploma, order fake University of Montreal degree, buy Université de Montréal diploma, buy fake diploma in Montreal.

The main campus of the university is set on Mount Royal, the campus comprises more than 65 hectares of greenery, roads and paths. Aside from the landmark Roger Gaudry Pavilion that can be seen from kilometres away, the campus has some 40 buildings. The 13 faculties and schools at the university cover all fields of knowledge, from music to natural science, law, humanities and health. It maintains 27 healthcare institutions, and 2 associated schools namely HEC Montréal (School of Business) and Poly technique Montréal (School of Engineering. Other than this, it allows students to choose from 600 graduate and undergraduate programs.

The university has approximately 18,195 postgraduate and 49,193 undergraduate students. Around 73 percent of the student body at the university is undergraduate whereas 27 percent of the students come under the graduate student category. The university is currently offering education to more than 67,389 students (including two of its schools). The university holds 10,000 international students while more than 7,000 are the permanent residents of the country.