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Victoria University (VU) is a public university that is considered to be a dual-sector tertiary institution. The university offers courses in both Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and higher education subjects. In the year 1991, it was accredited with the status of a university. It offers a range of higher education, training and vocational courses at its campuses. Being a dual-sector university, it offers an easy pathway for students planning to move to higher levels of study like from vocational education to higher education, certificate or diploma course to an undergraduate and a postgraduate qualification further. Victoria University was ranked 56th under The Young University 2017 Rankings of the top universities of the world aged under 50. Duplicate Victoria University degree, buy fake Victoria University degree, order a fake Victoria University diploma, buy fake Australian degree.

Victoria University is home to several campuses that are located in Melbourne Western Region, Melbourne Central Business District, and Sydney. The university maintains 6 academic colleges, 7 research centers, 6 research institutes, and the university’s Victoria Polytechnic. It also offers courses at partner institutions throughout Asia including Singapore, India, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Liaoning University in China and Sunway University College in Malaysia serves as the two amongst the largest partners of Victoria University, Australia. Footscray is considered to be the main campus of the university and it provides higher education courses in both academic and sport-related disciplines.

In 2018, Victoria University had more than 12,600 international students studying with VU in Australia and overseas, including more than 3,600 studying in Melbourne from more than 100 countries and 6,500 studying a VU course overseas with one of the international delivery partners. The vocational education programs featured by the university produce industry-focused graduates. Even purpose-built diplomas are offered to provide direct pathways for students interested in bachelor degrees.