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The University of Western Australia is a research university that was established in 1911. Also, UWA is known to be the 6th oldest university in Australia. The university is also considered among the biggest landowners in Australia. Moreover, it collaborated with the doctors of Africa who work in Australia so as to begin medical teachings along with a different curriculum. Make a fake University of Western Australia degree, order fake University of Western Australia diploma, fake UWA degree, fake Australian degree.

The campus of the university is built over an area of 160 acres of land. It has extensive art collections and theatre venues to its wealth of sporting, cultural, alumni and social groups. The university features accommodation for the students within the premises. In addition, the campus comprises six main libraries, including the Reid library which is known to be the biggest library in Australia. The libraries have a huge collection of books and research papers.

The university offers an undergraduate degree program and a postgraduate degree program as well as doctoral-level programs. Also, it features specialization courses that are additional in the curriculum of the opted programs. The academic structure of the university includes a number of courses that are categorized into six faculties, which further divided into many departments and schools. The variety of subjects gives students a wide scope to choose as per their area of interest. Moreover, the university has many research centers and institutes. Some of the popular research institutes include Oceans Institute, Centre for Energy & Minerals, and the Centre for Software Practice.