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Deakin College offers Standard and Extended Foundation Studies Programs which are equivalent to upper secondary school. This program is a pathway to a Deakin College diploma or the first year of a selected Deakin University bachelor’s degree program. Deakin also offers undergraduate university foundation program Diplomas. Order a fake Deakin College diploma, buy fake Deakin College certificate, order a fake Australian college diploma, buy fake diploma in Australia.

Students who successfully complete a Diploma from the College are eligible for entry into the second year of the relevant Deakin University bachelors degree program. The Deakin University Masters Qualifying Program (Business and Law) is only offered to international students; this program is a pathway to selected Deakin University Postgraduate Programmes.

Deakin College offers on-campus and off-campus accommodation options. College students enrolled in the campuses located in Australia have complete access to the campus facilities available at Deakin University, however, these facilities may not be available to college students in the Jakarta Campus. Regardless of the campus location, all Deakin College students have access to a range of support services and facilities offered by the College.